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We have developed various utilities designed to work in conjunction with BPCS on the System I. These utilities are used to assist in the creation of Items, Bill of Materials, Notes Maintenance and other complex areas. The utilities we have available are as follows:

BMU - Bill of Materials
The Bill of Materials Utility allows BPCS users to quickly and effortlessly create, copy, change or delete entire Bills of Material (BOM) (and Planning Bills of Material) for many items at once.

ICU - Item Creation Utility
Creating new items using standard BPCS item maintenance routines can be a time consuming process. The Item Creation Utility is a very low cost utility that provides the capability to create new item numbers in BPCS by just entering item numbers and descriptions.

IMU - Item Maintenance Utility
BPCS users are faced with a maintenance problem when it comes to setting up and maintaining various planning related item codes such as lead times, order policy codes etc. The Item Maintenance Utility is a selection of user entry screens, update programs and audit reports to make the setting up of planning related data much easier, quicker and more accurate.

NIN - Notes Inquiry
View notes without the danger of accidentally losing or changing data. The Notes Inquiry allows the user to view all the different types of notes which are associated with items, customers, vendors, orders etc.

NMU - Notes Maintenance Utility
The Notes Maintenance Utility helps reduce data set up time by allowing BPCS users to create, maintain or delete multiple lines of notes for many items, customers or vendors at once.

PMU - Price Maintenance Utility
Improve pricing accuracy by reducing manual keying effort. The Price Maintenance Utility is a low cost utility that allows special prices, multi currency list prices and item master list prices to be created,
revised or deleted for many items, customers etc. at a time.

Rmu - Routings Maintenance Utility
Create, change or delete entire routings for many items at once or optionally copy or delete associated routing text/notes. The Routings Maintenance Utility allows BPCS users to effortlessly do all of these therefore significantly reducing the time required.

All utilities are available on a 30 Day trial. If you would like more information please contact feel free to Contact Us.
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